How much do you really want it?  

We all set business goals – yearly, monthly, and sometimes daily.  But how many of them do we actually achieve? If these are goals are important to the success of our business, then why aren’t we making them a reality?

The cold truth: they’re not intentional! Why do I say that; well because if you wanted them, you would set business goals with a clear aim and action plan. But how do you set intentional goals? Here are some simple steps:


You have to know your: WHAT, WHY and HOW.

So you want to set business goals, but WHAT do you actually want? Write down the specific details about your goal. These can be physically, mentally or emotional statements that show what you’re trying to achieve.

Next, figure out your WHY: why do you want it? Why is it important to you? Make sure you fully explore the reasons for your goal and the benefits it will bring into your life and the lives of those around you. When you can clearly define the reasons you are setting a goal, the chance of you achieving it greatly increases.

Knowing the why will be your driving force when things don’t go according to plan and distractions start to get in your way.

For example, one goal I have had this year is to improve my blog, so that’s the what – but I need more specifics:



  • To improve my blog visually with consistency in colours, fonts and graphics
  • To have a clear focus on the topics I write about
  • To learn about SEO and how I can implement it for my blog
  • To increase my audience views, get more engagement and subscribers.
  • Some specifics:

Readers – ideal daily viewers: 100+

Engagement: more comments – at least one on each post. Social media shares – at least one on each post.

Subscribers – target of 100+ subscribers by December.


  • Gain more visibility
  • Build my brand
  • Gain new writing opportunities.
  • Share my knowledge



So, here you can see clearly the specifics of my goal now, then all it needs is a deadline which will give me a clear target.

To help you get started, here are my top tips:

  • Focus on the one thing that will make the biggest difference to you desire and start with that
  • Think about how this align with your values
  • Consider how it will improve your life and the lives of others?


And finally, the HOW: What steps will you take to execute your goal. Create a plan of action that fully describes the steps you will take towards your goal. Make sure to include a deadline. A deadline not only gives you a target but it helps you to create a timeline of when you intend to complete each step on your plan.


My personal mantra to set business goals is: Plan. Prepare. Do.

Plan an outline of your goal and the steps you will take.

Prepare your environment and routine so that you can schedule in your steps.

Do track your daily, weekly and monthly activities. This helps you to track your progress.


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It’s definitely easier said than done, so simplify your to-do list by prioritizing the tasks will get you closer to achieving your goal. Create some routines that will get you closer to your goal. Routines give your brain a chance to rest and not have to constantly make decisions.

With my goal of improving my blog, I’ve decided to prioritise two things: branding and implementing SEO methods.

So, to do this, I break it down into smaller steps:



  • Create a colour pallet for consistency in my images and graphics
  • Pick 2 or 3 fonts that represent my brand and stick to them
  • Create at least 3 graphics that include my colours and font
  • Narrow down the number of topics I write about on my blog so that it is more focused



  • Implement at least 5 simple methods on SEO that I have learnt


So, I know what I want and have a plan outlined. Now I can decide when I will carry out each task. In preparation of completing my tasks, I looked at my diary and found a two hour slot on Tuesday evenings. And I have given myself a deadline of one month.

Then at the end of the month I can review my progress. This is a very effective way to reveal to yourself what is working and isn’t working for you. After looking at your progress or challenges you can focus more on what works and less on what doesn’t.

One way to make the journey towards setting business goals and achieving your goals more exciting is to celebrate the mile stones: treat yourself when you complete a few tasks or when you reach the halfway point. Let your friends, family or partner know how much progress you have made and celebrate together.


Extra tip:

Have a contingency plan – for when you are discouraged, procrastinating or in need of some motivation. Find ways to get yourself back on track. Look back at the reasons you listed why you wanted to complete this goal.


Final Thoughts On How To Set Business Goals

Take a break from the plan and evaluate what you have done so far. Get an inspiring book or watch inspiring videos of others who have accomplish the same goals you desire. Discover how they got through the difficult times and faced their challenges to ultimately succeed.


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Guest Blogger: Natalie-Claire Luwisha

Engineer, Entrepreneur and Blogger: Inspiration and personal development.

By day I’m a structural engineer and by night/my spare time I’m a blogger. I write about women in STEM, engineering, and personal development. Plus I design free printables for my monthly email Newsletter. Each printable focuses on planning and creating habits that help you to achieve your goals.


Twitter: @NCLengineer

Instagram: ncliberty1


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