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Welcome, I’m Treva Marshall.

I work with entrepreneurs and small biz owners, just like you, to remove the website overwhelm that has you feeling stuck in your business.

I free up your time so you can focus on what you do best – serve your clients and create engaging content to grow your business.

I will give you a website strategy to get you exactly what you want – to be positioned as a market leader and more paying clients. With my help you will convert more leads into sales on autopilot.

FOr LAb My website success formula

fava powerful website intentionally designed to convert your visitors into clients


fava well planned SEO strategy using the right keywords to attract your ideal clients


favcustomized and easy to understand Google Analtyics reports to monitor how you engage with your website visitors.  So you know what is working and what’s not working with your website.

My Background

As a honor graduate, armed with a degree in Computer Science and more than a decade of experience in IT, I’ve had the pleasure of leading technology efforts, including website design, for organizations such as:
I’ve also had the pleasure of partnering with these amazing organizations to lead marketing campaigns.
Although I’ve received numerous awards and accolades during my career, my most rewarding professional accomplishment is that of entrepreneur, or techpreneur, as I like to call myself. As a techpreneur I have the freedom to build a business I love and share my love for technology and marketing while helping other small business owners accomplish their vision and goals.
And when I’m not implementing technology, curating content, or assisting my clients, I can be found spending time with my 2 favorite guys – my hubby (Berry) and my son (James).  We’re usually busy with middle school football games, homework, science projects, school programs, and road trips. And I love every single minute of it!


Are you ready to Attract Clients Easily to your website?

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 Let Me Help You 

If you are serious about your business and ready to move forward, schedule your complimentary website discovery session today.
You will leave the session knowing the exact steps to take to change your website from a business accessory into an automated lead generator for your business.
In your session, we can talk about things like:


Exactly what you need to do to get your business online quickly with a website you love.


How to do to make your website work for you and Attract Clients Easily

favDesign tweaks & updates you would like to make to your WordPress site.

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