use WordPress to create your website


You may be asking yourself why should you use WordPress to create your Website.   It’s one of the most common questions I receive.

While other platforms may be tempting to use because they initially look easier to use or seem less complicated than WordPress, I strongly encourage each client I work with to choose WordPress as their content management system.

Below I share seven reasons why you should use WordPress to create your website and I hope you end up seeing why WordPress ultimately comes out on top.


use WordPress to create your website

Why You Should Ultimately Decide To Use

WordPress To Create Your Website


Grows with your business

While your business may be small now, most likely you plan to grow your business into something more. Using WordPress from the beginning can help ease a lot of future worries and troubles.


Since WordPress is so flexible (more on that later in this post), it can be great for beginner business owners as well as people who have been in business for years.


Many beginner website management programs can be great when your business is super small, but once you start to grow it can quickly become a problem.


Consider your ultimate goals for your website and what you hope to be doing over the next year. If your plan is to grow your business, consider starting with WordPress so you don’t have the hassle of switching to a more flexible platform in the future. Almost every other website platform has certain limitations while any and every business owner can use WordPress as an all-inclusive platform.  


SEO friendly

By design, WordPress was built to be very SEO friendly. The high-quality code that is used for WordPress is exactly the type of code that search engines look for, placing you higher in the search ranks.


You can further improve your SEO by using a WordPress SEO plugin, such as Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack.


SEO is important because as you continue to create content to put on your site, you want people who are searching for the types of things you are writing about to find your site.


Content marketing is a long-term strategy tactic that can pay off big time in the future, which is why so many people stress the importance of SEO.


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Safe and secure

WordPress is one of the safest and most secure platforms out there. It is continuously being updated to protect your site from potential threats and hackers.


Of course, there are still ways intruders can get access to your site, so I recommend following these steps to make sure your website is safe and secure.



As I mentioned earlier, one of the best reasons why you should use WordPress to create your website is that it is extremely flexible.


With a wide range of features, plugins, and themes, WordPress makes it easier for you to build your dream website.


One example of a particular feature of WordPress that many other website platforms don’t offer is the capability to host a membership site. If this is something you may be considering to have for your business, I would advise starting with WordPress because you can easily add this component whenever you are ready.  


The options are endless while using WordPress and it can cater to a variety of businesses and industries.


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Great support community

If you ever have a question about your WordPress site, there is probably already somebody else that asked the same exact question.


There are hundreds, if not thousands of forums out there answering all types of questions about WordPress, including how to get started, troubleshooting, and reviews.


There are also hundreds of blogs and websites (this one included! :)) out there that give tips on how to best use WordPress.  


Check out the WordPress support forum and take a look at the getting started resources.


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Professional and Popular

While Wix and Weebly can be helpful for people just getting started, they aren’t nearly as professional as a platform like WordPress.


These common beginner platforms have fewer design options and very limited features. They often don’t integrate well with popular marketing tools such as MailChimp and LeadPages, leaving you empty handed or using less professional marketing tools.


Along with being professional, hosted sites are also very popular. Choosing a popular platform is great because it shows that many businesses have trusted this platform and they continue to be satisfied with the results of using WordPress.


WordPress is used by millions of businesses all over the world, including professional websites such as The New Yorker, Sony Music, and Fortune.


Variety of hosting providers

With many other platforms, like Weebly or GoDaddy, you are stuck with using the hosting provider that they want you to choose. If you’re anything like me, you don’t like being told what to do (ha!) so I like having the option of choosing my hosting provider that I want to work with.


Being tied to one hosting provider can end up being bad for your business because if you end up being unhappy with their service or your business needs have grown, you may need to choose a different host.


WordPress makes it easy for you to work with a variety of hosting providers, in case you ever need to switch to a different one.


Final Thoughts On Why You Should Use WordPress To Create Your Website

As a web designer and someone who has worked in the website strategy industry for years, I can tell you that all of these reasons above are why you should use WordPress to create your website. I recommend WordPress to every client, whether you’re just getting started or have owned your business for years.
If you have any questions about using WordPress, please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to help out fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners!





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use WordPress to create your website





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